Exalted Discordians: Six Psychopaths and a Psychoship

Embarkment 5: Burn Legends

Super Exalted Burn Legend: ASBRTHDΛC+#R2012UMTTBE-PDRX EX

Super Exalted Burn Legend: ASBRTHDΛC+#R2017UMTTBE-PDRX EX

The Blue Lady
Viegle Fuoco 1, The Blue Lady 0

Tuxedo Titan
The Fingler 1, Tuxedo Titan 0

The Talon of Nemesis and Nemesis Armors
Viegle Fuoco 1, Dark Viegle (Shard of Nemesis) 0
The Fingler 0, Dark Fingler (Shard of Nemesis) 1


Teleute Teleute

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