Discordian Divisions


1st Division — Anchor: The Itinerants
Divisional Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Martial Arts, Sail, Survival
Associations: Id, pre-conscious desire; Narcissus, being-one; focus, self-sustenance; thoughtless selfishness
Anima Powers: One mote allows an Anchor to ignore dice penalties from internal sources such as wounds, poison, drunkenness, etc. for the scene.
Anima Color: Orange
Those in the Anchor Division find their inspiration and power in instincts and impulses. They are half-emergent from the mud, grounded and fluid, self-aware of their borderless selves. They can be undefeatable, not because they can withstand all comers but because they do not observe the division between self and opponent.

2nd Division — Arrow: The Meddlers
Divisional Abilities: Archery, Investigation, Medicine, Performance, Ride
Associations: Ego, negotiation and persuasion; conscious and compromising desire; lovers, becoming-one; curiosity; self-sacrifice; loneliness
Anima Powers: One mote allows the Arrow to read a character’s virtues, virtue flaw, and limit. +1 bonus to discern a characters motivation.
Anima Color: Pink
The Arrows of Eris pierce the boundary of the self, bridging the inner and outer aspects of being. They understand that to achieve one’s own goals, one must gain the help of others, and work round or co-opt their desires. They can be beguiling and friendly but are ready to bring their manipulations to a sharper focus if necessary to get to the heart of the matter.

3rd Division — Apple: The Instigators
Divisional Abilities: Linguistics, Melee, Presence, Socialize, War
Associations: Super-ego; virtue, law; teamwork, competition; community, pride; strife, jealousy
Anima Powers: One mote allows the Apple to share one ability ratings with their team mates and friends for a scene. Normal limits still apply.
Anima Color: Pale Green
The Apples of Eris’ eye are made to be seen and tasted, as an inspiration and a focus of action. They throw themselves into the midst of situations and are at home in conflict, whether or not it is of their own making. The leaders, fighters and executive action brigade of the Discordians, this Division makes things happen by organizing, persuading, confusing or, if necessary, hitting large numbers of people until they act together. To this end they will apply or disregard rules and restrictions as suits them.

4th Division — Archway: The Iconoclasts
Divisional Abilities: Dodge, Larceny, Occult, Thrown, Stealth
Associations: Collective unconscious; mystery, learning, confusion; flexibility; transgression, duplicity
Anima Powers: One mote gives the Archway an (Essence/2) bonus to bypassing barriers for the scene
Anima Color: Indigo
They who stand in the Archway are those who cannot help but notice the gaps, correspondences and short-cuts between one thing and another. The place they stand connects the physical and the immaterial, the seen and the unseen, the here and there, the realms of reality, the truth and the other truth. They seek to uncover mundane and mystical secrets and understanding, sometimes to set themselves above others, other times to set them free. They are often peripherally involved in multiple sizable covert organizations or networks, to spy on, subvert or control them. Exalted of this Division count as priests, though that does not automatically make them Holy.

5th Division — Anvil: The Dogmatics
Divisional Abilities: Bureaucracy, Craft, Integrity, Lore, Resistance
Associations: Cultural super-ego, ethics and mores; grey; congruence, order, control; rigidity, self-imposed blindness
Anima Powers: One mote allows the Anvil to shunt penalties to his backgrounds, thus avoiding the penalties. The background is chosen by the player but the result is chosen by the storyteller.
Anima Colors: Grey
The Chosen of this Division are defined by their awareness of the structures and patterns which suffuse and support all things, large and small. Even in the Wyld, the shifting stories of the raksha have their own narrative rules; even Oblivion has its own ever-expanding shape, and a subtle texture to the screams which echo from its maw.
The systems they work with are the same ones the Archway poke holes through. The Authority struggles at times to remember that order is as much an illusion and an invention of the mind as chaos, but finds it convenient to use the flaws in every system to chisel and beat the world into shape on the Anvil of themselves. Some gleefully oppose the Chaos-bringing efforts of other Discordian Exalted. As one of their many holy books said: “Eristic Avatars are sent down into Creation, for the purpose of keeping things from becoming so well ordered that they stop working. This they often accomplish by insisting that certain arbitrary interpretations of reality are the only valid ones. That causes Strife which results in Confusion which revitalizes Holy Chaos.”

Discordian Divisions

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